Mel Brown Farm Supply has been a dedicated provider of RED TEK's broad range of environmentally friendly products, including Freon-replacement hydrocarbon, refrigerants, lubricants, and corrosion inhibitors for cooling systems for over a decade.


Some of the products we sell:

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RED TEK 12a 6oz Can
(18 oz Equivalent)   Item #301

Replaces 134a and R-12 Substitutes
Runs colder and more efficient
No retrofitting required, no license required

$8.25 / Can
$89.88 / Case (case of 12)
RED TEK LeakStop 4oz Aerosol Can
Item #401
Fixes Leaks In Rubber Seals And Hoses
Pressurizes and restores brittle O-rings
that have been worn or damaged.
$8.25 / Can
$89.88 / Case (Case Of 12)
RED TEK ProSeal 4oz Aerosol Can
Item #402
Fixes leaks in metal parts and lines.
Chemically activated by moisture at the
leak sight to form a permaenent seal.
$17.95 / Can
$197.88 / Case (Case Of 12)
RED TEK 12a Cylinders
(36 lb. Equivalent)   Item # 302
(60 lb. Equivalent)  Item # 303
Cylinders offer significant savings over
purchasing the 6 oz. cans. Cylinders
are equipped with R-12 male threads.
$184.95 / 36 lb. Equiv. Cyl.
$225.95 / 60 lb. Equiv. Cyl.
RED TEK 22a 8 oz. Can
(20 oz. Equivalent)   Item # 305

Replaces R-22. Up to 25% energy
savings vs. R-22. Operates at lower
head pressures and runs colder
than R-22.
$12.95 / Can
$184.95 / 36 lb. Equiv. Cyl.
$225.95 / 60 lb. Equiv. Cyl.

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